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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boycott GMHC's Latex Ball 2013

March 7th, 2013

Historic and Cultural Ballroom Institute, news update
Subject: First results from the peaceful protests and social media postings.

Dear distinguished Council Member,

After two peaceful demonstrations and after many posts on social media announcing the “Latex Ball Boycott 2013” to the community at large, we are up to a good start in 2013, to bring attention to our concerns and to bring positive change to our community. We thank Jose Xtravaganza and the House of Ninja for contributing the pictures on our promotional materials.

We educated the public in person about our issues with GMHC and by doing so; we also heard more disturbing stories about the GMHC agency from people we spoke to. We handed out flyers, produced two videos by our council member Louis viewed 800 times, posted our thirteen page report about the meeting with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis at viewed 500 times and we educate members from the house ball community who are unaware. These results show that we are starting to have an impact and we need to continue the fight for justice.

We contacted politicians, newspapers and non profits who are suppose to help the community based on their mission statements. Some receive grant money from the government and across the board they all have remained silent. We learned that they are intimidated/corrupted by this AIDS agency and they won’t stand up for what is right for the community. They are completely useless to the community at the time when we need them the most, because they won’t live up to their own mission statements. Can we hold the GMHC agency responsible for creating this self-destructive community environment?

From our postings on social media, we received one significant response we are sharing with the council from a GMHC employee who is also an active house ball member, see below. His response on Facebook is an example on how the GMHC AIDS agency was able to corrupt a young adult from our community. As a result of the corruption it reveals in his post on how they are able to use him to divide and hurt our community. His choice of words was to defend the agencies best interest and he spoke against his own best ballroom interest.

We evaluate this post as a document on how GMHC actually corrupts young adults from our community and we hold this agency responsible for this hurtful post to exist. The post shows also how GMHC turns members from our community against each other for the agencies best interest.

The information from this health agency, which is receiving funding from the government, AIDS funding institutions and the community is highly disturbing. It gives us more reason and motivation to continue to expose this information and abuse to the public, government, the media and to continue to educate the house ball community about our concerns.

Facebook post by a GMHC employee.
Because we want to protect an active ballroom member who identified himself to be currently employed at GMHC, we decided not to reveal his name. This individual is a GMHC Community Health Consultant for Sexual, Social, Mental, Psychical, Spiritual and Environmental.

His post on Facebook is referring to the council chairs Kevin Omni and Wolfgang Busch. This post is educating us on how GMHC is using a young adult from our community to hurt and to divide us.

Below is a quote from his post we want to share with the council.

“As an employee of GMHC.... I will not read my fellow legends however you shouldn't pick
one known for scandals to lead a protest, we all know she's only doing it for life,
a Lil coin you might be offering, or a bag.”

We are a volunteer organization and it breaks our heart to see how corrupted the GMHC agency has become over the years and how much GMHC has corrupted this young adult from our community. Because of the existence of GMHC this post exists. They use him to do their “dirty work” and they use him in a way, so it reflects on a member from our community rather than a GMHC board member or the executive director of the agency. They use him to divide and hurt members from our community to serve the agencies best interest. They corrupted him to the point, where he turned his back against his own people and he spoke up against his best ballroom interest.

We hope you find this revealing report about the GMHC agency an example of importance and you see the need to continue the protests if we want to bring justice and positive change to the House Ball community.

We also want to be very clear that we are not “knocking” the good services this agency is providing to our community. But we have to be clear that this type of abuse on the ballroom community has to stop. They lost their focus and they have to go back to their roots. They have to stop to use their positive work to cover up and to justify the abuse against us. Lets be very clear about this, they can not have it both ways.

Feel free to submit your comments and please stop by at the scheduled events, see below, and join us for a good cause. You get to meet and talk to some great people in our community who appreciate our protest against the GMHC agency. It is an uplifting experience and it makes us feel real good inside, because we are supporting a cause we strongly believe in.

Can you afford not to support?

Future action at the LGBT Business Expo:
On March 9th and 10th, we are sharing a table at the LGBT Business Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan with our council member Rob DeAnthony from Our Youth. We will be handing out flyers about the Latex Ball Boycott 2013 to bring more awareness to thousands of people about our concerns.

Three Peaceful protests: mark your calendar
Thursday, March 21st, 6:30pm at Cipriani, on 42nd street, across from Grand Central. GMHC is hosting a large fundraiser and we will be able to reach and educate many of the GMHC supporters who are unaware.

Saturday April 6th, 5:50pm at Hilton Hotel, 1335 six avenue at 54th street in Manhattan, Night of a thousand Gowns fundraiser, benefitting GMHC.

Sunday Mai 19th, AIDS Walk

Artistically and respectfully yours,
Council chairs, Kevin and Wolf

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