GMHC Its a Chop

Sunday, August 25, 2013

GMHC cry's about CUTS, top EIGHT salaries, 1.2 million a year and record Prize Money for a FUN voguing ball.

COO Weinberg released an article: "Where has all the HIV funding gone."
CEO Hill and COO Weinberg, each make over $200.000 a year.
The community wants to know how is GMHC justifying those salaries, 
when they have to cut food and other services for their clients. 
Do we really need to pay for their PentHouses 
rather than provide food for the community?

COO Janet Weinberg released information earlier in August about budget cuts and the food and other services GMHC had to cut for their clients as a result of it. The next day after Weinberg's crying for money, the Latex Ball producer Luna Ortiz announced record breaking prize money for an all time low attended fun Voguing Ball, paid for with AIDS money by GMHC.

Huffington Post article about "Where has all the HIV funding gone." by COO Weinberg

What are the Gay Men's Health Crisis moral standards?
When is the Attorney General looking into this matter?

CEO Hill's photo OP, instead of FOOD MONEY.