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Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 13th, 2013

Dear Distinguished Council Member,

On our journey to bring positive change to the House Ball community, it seems to never to amaze me what situations we run into and how our community actually operates during times when we need their support the most.

Last Sunday I attended the LGBT Business Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan to hand out the “Boycott the Latex Ball in 2013” flyer. I stopped by at the Dept. of Health booth and spoke to a middle aged African American women, who didn’t want to identify herself nor would she give me her business card after asking her three times.

I explained to her the abuse we are experiencing by the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and their Latex Project Program. I noticed by watching her body language that she was not comfortable to talk about this issue. She listened to what I had to say and I asked her if she could help us. She gave me information to contact the NYC Planning Council, which turned out to be a run around, because they came back to me and told me that they are not responsible for this type of community abuse.

When talking to the lady at the booth, it was clear that she knew something but didn’t tell me, it was quite obvious, which let me to ask her the following question. Are you aware that the GMHC agency is abusing the community and have people complained about this agency before? Her reply was, YES. With other words, a) she knew already about it, and b) the GMHC agency is already on the books for its abuse and the city is fully aware, because of all the other complaints they have been receiving from the community.

Instead of the lady who represented the department of health to ask me how can I help you Wolfgang, we got a run around, which makes her and the department of health part of our problem also.

With this information I contacted the Mayors Office to bring this to his attention and I wrote a letter to the dept. of health commissioner Thomas Farley to inform him as well.

Can you Afford Not To Support?

Many blessings,

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