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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Latex Ball Boycott 2013... GMHC's CEO Marjorie is Hill Walking on Thin Ice.

Public Opinion about the Gay Men's Health Crisis is Changing!

Since our first video release, 
"Vote of Confidence" 
by GMHC clients for CEO Marjorie Hill to resign is increasing.

Boycott the Latex Ball 2013, video release #3
Video footage courtesy of Art From The Heart Films.

GMHC violated a 20 year old House Ball policy by inviting the director Jennie Livingston of the film "Paris is Burning", to speak on behalf of 
Ballroom Icon Paris Dupree at the 2011 House of Latex Ball.

Featured interviews by:
Frances White, Dean at NY University. White talks in her classroom about the exploitation in Paris is Burning and why her students are confused and afraid of this community.
Marcel Christian LaBeija talks about how Jennie Livingston was treated with respect, what exploitative language she was using in the films promotion materials and all she wanted to know from him was who the thieves are.
Jose Xtravaganza questions the House of Latex, because they were chopping people at the balls. Aren’t they here to save the day?”
Carmen Xtravaganza got nothing from “Paris is Burning” and makes a statement that the “How Do I Look” documentary gave the community a voice.
Octavia St. Laurent "People know nothing about our community and Paris is Burning is nothing but gay entertainment for them." She explains very emotionally the marginalization of the transgender community and why they can’t stand up and fight for justice.

Why Public Opinion about the Gay Men's Health Crisis is Changing!

GMHC violated a 20 year old House Ball tradition and the House Ball community lost Millions of Dollars because of the House of Latex Balls at Roseland funded by GMHCGMHC Blog:

The Historic and Cultural House Ball Institute is releasing the third video from the "Boycott the Latex Ball 2013" campaign and is asking the public to join them in this boycott and join them in the Fight for Justice. The Institute educates the public about the Paris is Burning” film and the marginalizing policies by the House of Latex Project program, funded by the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC). The Institute is exposing those devastating policies and how they affect the under-resourced House Ball community.

Ballroom educators, historians and members featured in Paris is Burning” have rejected this film since its release in 1990 and the director Jennie Livingston was successfully sued by Octavia St. Laurent. Livingston was never invited back by the House Ball community, because of its exploitative and controversy content in the film and promotional materials.

GMHC violated a 20 year old House Ball policy by inviting the director Jennie Livingston to speak on behalf of Paris Dupree at the 2011 Latex Ball. Ballroom Icon Paris Dupree who passed away earlier that year also rejected this film. He felt “Ripped Off” by Livingston, because she used his Ball theme “Paris is Burning” for her film title. A satement by Ballroom Hall of Famer and Historian Kevin Omni, quote: "If Paris Dupree knew that Livingston spoke on his behalf, he would turn in his grave."

In a GMHC Press Release from 2012 by Krishna Stone, quote: “To this day, Paris is Burning is still considered the definitive film about the community.”

This statement by GMHC is community insensitive, disrespectful and the basic historic and cultural House Ball knowledge at GMHC is in question. After working with our community for 22 years, they still don't know.

Historically, GMHC fails to recognize the first documentary ever released about the House Ball community; “T.V. Transvestite”, a film about the Harlem Fantasy Ball 2 from 1982. Historically, GMHC fails to recognize the humanitarian award winning film “How Do I Look”, produced by and for the House Ball community, to provide a balance to “Paris is Burning”. “How Do I Look” is an artistic empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness community project and was selected for the NY University’s World AIDS Day film festival, sponsored by the United Nations.

To produce the House of Latex balls at Roseland, GMHC is loosing Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Free Government and Donation money every year.

GMHC is using free money to manipulate the House Ball community and used this money to create their own ballroom sub-culture, such as the ki ki functions. They also fund artistic programs such as voguing classes and mini balls. They tell us they have no money for insurance and medication or Metro Cards for their CAB meetings but they have money for artistic programs.

GMHC is marginalizing the under-resourced House Ball community for over 20 years and as a result of it, the House Ball economy lost Millions of Dollars and the existence of the House Ball community as we know it is at risk. 

Our outreach to GMHC are unanswered and the agency remains silent to our meeting requests.

Your Voice Counts ! 
Join the Institute and the House Ball community in the 
Fight for Empowerment and Justice.

Boycott the Latex Ball 2013

Can You Afford Not To Support?


  1. Ballroom Hall of Famers speaking out against Gay Men's Health Crisis. YouTube:

  2. GMHC July 2011 - June 2012 revenues are down to 23.5 million from 30 million in 2010 (see, GMHC financials). For the first time GMHC's AIDS Walk does not have a network sponsor or a large local bank, e.g. citi, chase, Amex. GMHC is overwhelmingly reliant on government money, that will be reduced after the Ryan White Care Act expires June 2013. This years AIDS Walk is apparently to cover employee pensions etc., including Dr. Hill's retirement package.